Auto Lenders and Servicers: Fewer Repos and Simpler Collections

Improve auto loan servicing — and drive better financial outcomes — through borrower conversation insights.


Auto loan servicing isn’t easy. Calculations are never simple and repo is a costly physical component to collections.

Not to mention, the constant state of change in the auto industry  leaves lenders and collectors stuck navigating major pitfalls, including:

Operational Inefficiency

A high volume of accounts receivable & no clarity on upcoming liquidation calculations, coupled with lack of insight into agent performance, can cost more than just time.

Manual Compliance Checks

Quality assurance requires more than just a basic compliance check. And there’s never any time to think about improvement.

Low-Resolution Rates

Without a clear picture of hardships and other sentiment parameters, you go to repo too often and collect too little.

Learn how Prodigal can affect the auto lending lifecycle.


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Prodigal for Auto Lenders




Transforming Insights: From OldSchool Analytics to High-Performance Conversational Intelligence



We know what you’re going through — and you’re not alone.


Simplify Auto Loan Servicing and Collections Operations with Prodigal’s AI. 

35% Increase in Agent Productivity

Create more effective agents through in-call, real-time tools designed to both overcome operational inefficiencies and help you achieve higher resolution rates.

93% Improvement in QA Cost Efficiency

Analyze calls on 60+ parameters to efficiently monitor, evaluate and train agents (with more effective scripts). Build stronger QA reports and workflows.

28% Growth in Capital Efficiency

Use intelligence from customer interactions to better extract hardship information, evaluate borrower intent to pay, and avoid repo in more than 25% of cases.

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